Neuroplastc Portrait Platform

Visitor Performance Self-Portrait


PVC geodesic dome, plastc netting, paper mache face, chicken wire, drone, video camera, video projector, brainwave headset, RFI system, cell phone, lighting, tripods, cables, tape
76” x 96” x 96”

This is a visitor self-portrait installation that pictures them in an unposed meditative state that typcally generates heightened neuroplastic activity. The visitor can keep a copy of of their meditative self-portrait for future self-reflection.

A visitor wears a headset that reads alpha brain waves flowing from a meditative state. They are aided in concentration by visualizing on a cell phone bar chart app the strength of their alpha waves. The more the visitor concentrates on the bar chart the stronger the waves which simultaneously send a radio signal to fly a drone up inside the net. The video camera aimed at the visitor connects to a video projector that shows the visitor’s face to the gallery audience in this meditative state projected onto a 6 ft. tall paper mache Buddha face.