I create portraits that are not simply objects to look at but are experiences to engage in. These experiential portraits push beyond the boundaries of portraiture by employing new modes of representation using interactive and multi-sensory materials that transform the visitor from a passive viewer into an active participant.

A visitor can touch, move, and sometimes smell elements in the artwork to induce a haptic, intimate experience with the portrait subject. This deepens visitor engagement in what are inherently abstract and conceptual art pieces exploring appearance, identity, interiority, and personal narrative. These concepts are examined with action and cross-sensory materials that provide a greater range of artistic expression than a conventional portrait.

This broader exploration of portraiture also extends to the public performance projects where the visitor can activate the portrait through interaction with the artwork or embody the portrait subject through performance.

There are a range of exhibition protoculs for these interactive, cross-sensory artworks and some work in public space for a larger audience while some artwork is single user in closed settings.



D.D. Cain has created art and especially portraits all his life. He has also had a long professional career in architecture, interiors, exhibit and event design (see his design firm website: http://www.padhamcain.com) while still doing portrait commissions. His studies in art, architecture, and design took him to schools in New York, London, and the San Francisco Bay area. Among his body of work are drawings, paintings, sculpture, installations, and performance art as well as commercal and residential buildings and furniture. D.D. currently lives in San Francisco, California.


The artist wants to express his gratitude to the many who have helped with his work especially to Joseph Farais and his 3D Studios and ceramicist Eve Carey.