David Deporis, Oakland, CA

Memorial Portrait


Painted sheet metal, printed vinyl fabric, acrylic paint, distressed plywood, suitcase, laptop, ashes, takeaway letter paper with printed song lyrics, stones, California oak leaves, eucalyptus bark and leaves impregnated with eucalyptus oil, georgette fabric, pico projector, media player, cable, various hardware, aroma diffuser, ocean aroma oil. 50” x 72” x 80”

Music by Dave Deporis. Videos by Dave Deporis and Scott MacDonald. Editing by Kelly Craven.

Special Thanks to Stella Deporis for her guidance, support, and permisson to use her copyrighted material of Dave’s work.

This is a portrait of gifted songwriter and performer Dave Deporis who was prominent in the Oakland music scene as well as in New York City music venues. He was robbed of his laptop and killed clinging to the robber’s car in 2017.

Article on Dave’s story by Peter Himmelman. See article online at: